Travel demand in the United States continues to rise as more people set out on journeys to discover the world again. However, the travel industry is currently experiencing problems with staff shortages and narrow margins since the industry has begun skyrocketing again.

So, what does this mean for your small hotel and getting people in the door? Don’t let the big hotel chains grab all the business. Here is how to advertise your small hotel, get guests in the door, and then manage the new travel demand.

What Is Your Occupancy Rate?

What is your small hotel’s current occupancy rate? A strong understanding of this can show you how much it can change throughout the year and during different seasons. It also shows how well you stack up against the competition and shows the demand there is for your small hotel. This helps with pricing strategies, developing new promotions, and revenue management.

Make Adjustments for Low Demand

You need to adjust your marketing strategy if you have a low occupancy rate. If you notice drops during the week, target the type of guest more likely to engage in weekday travel, such as those who travel for business, those out-of-towners looking at local real estate, or event attendees.

When there is higher seasonal demand in your area and an influx of travelers, you need to make your small hotel more attractive than the chain hotels. Advertise your amenities, location, and brand and show travelers your unique offerings.

Invest More Into Guest Services

When there is higher demand, you must keep your reputation intact. You don’t want guests leaving with the thought you couldn’t handle the increased occupancy. Staff training and guest service programs can help impress your guests and ensure you can handle increased travel demand.

Combining all these strategies can help your small hotel stand out and helps ensure you can handle higher travel demand.

For more tips on increasing occupancy for your small hotel during peak and off seasons, contact Occupancy Solutions, LLC.