While it may be the start of fall, the holiday season will be rolling around before you know it. Your community management team works hard to maintain your community, keep your residents happy, and grow an authentic community feel. A little appreciation can go a long way for any community management team, and we at OccupancySolutions.com want to provide a few ideas for showing your thanks during this holiday season.

A few gift ideas for your community management team include:

  • Holiday bonus – A holiday bonus is a classic and much appreciated gift for any professional management team. This can be any amount you’re comfortable with and can be provided just before the holidays to provide your team with a little extra just in time for the season.
  • Bonus off-day – A bonus doesn’t have to be monetary. Offering your community a floating day off or half day off they can use throughout the year is another useful way to show your appreciation. This communicates that you recognize their hard work, you appreciate what they do, and that they deserve to take a day for themselves.
  • Local business gift card – If your area has a local restaurant, ice cream bar, or other fun establishment, a local business card celebrates your team and the community as a whole.
  • Holiday party – An employee holiday party is a great way to show appreciation during the season while doing some team building at the very same time. A dinner out, a game of bowling, or a party in the community center with a gift or cookie exchange celebrates the team that keeps your community running all throughout the year.
  • Small gifts from local businesses – Local artisans really celebrate the soul and talent of any neighborhood, and giving small gifts from local businesses helps you to support your staff while supporting your community at the same time. Candles, baked goods, or other small gifts are appreciated by recipients and the small businesses you buy from.

At OccupancySolutions.com we recognize the importance of appreciation, whether that appreciation is for your residents, your local area, or the staff that makes your community what it is. To learn more about showing your team appreciation this holiday season, contact us atOccupancySolutions.com today.