Just because you invested in a small hotel doesn't mean you're going to make a decent living. Sure, you'll want to assume that people will always need a place to stay, and your rooms will be occupied. However, that may not always be the case. For instance, what if a four or five-star resort moves in just down the block?

That could spell trouble for your hotel if people choose to rest their weary heads there instead. You shouldn't just let the cards fall where they may and hope for the best, though. Rather, it is best to be proactive and stop issues from arising in the first place. Then, with any luck, that will keep your rooms occupied. The following are three ways to focus on hospitality to help with the venture.

Provide Guests With Free Food And Drinks

Obviously, you own a small hotel, so nobody is saying to furnish visitors with all the food and drinks they could ever want. After all, that could leave your business broke and barely scraping by. However, providing that you can afford it, guests will appreciate complimentary breakfasts. Not only that, but free eggs, pancakes, coffee, etc., can set your company apart from others nearby and send people to your establishment in droves.

Ensure Employees Always Treat Visitors Appropriately

Small businesses don't always take the time to work on employee development. There are different reasons why that is. For instance, some companies may not have the resources to do so. Meanwhile, on other occasions, bosses simply might not know how to train workers correctly. Yet, it is in your best interest to find a way to tackle this venture. We live in the digital age where anybody and everybody wants to post a review about a company online. So, make sure the hospitality around your small hotel stands out to get new and repeat clients through the door.

Offer Free Shows

Are you still looking for another way to entice guests to stay at your small hotel? How about offering free shows? You can scour your local area for talented comedians or bands and get them to perform. Up and coming individuals/groups probably won't cost a small fortune to book, and they're sure to get people interested in what your small hotel is offering.

Some Final Words

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