For independent hoteliers finding the right cleaning crew to maintain your property can make a huge difference between happy guests and unhappy guests. When a guest steps into their room, they want to find a warm, welcoming, and safe environment, and without a clean environment all of those other attributes become much more difficult to achieve. When seeking out a cleaning team to maintain your hotel, there are a few things to look for to ensure a positive experience:

•  Look for referrals – A great cleaning crew is one that will have plenty of happy customers. Just like excited hotel guests, excited customers can’t want to share their positive experiences. When seeking out a reliable and quality cleaning team, look for referrals or testimonials to see what sort of experience you can expect to receive. If a team has plenty of positive reviews, it’s likely they’re a sound investment.

•  Don’t be afraid to ask questions – Asking questions of your prospective cleaning team should be encouraged and welcomed. Asking how long they’ve been in business, how many clients they serve, what insurances they have, and what products they use are important ways to make sure your chosen team aligns with your needs, values, and expectations. Any cleaning team that doesn’t want to answer questions may not be a trustworthy fit.

•  Consider your hotel’s values – If your hotel prides itself on being eco-friendly, seeking out an eco-conscious cleaning team is a great idea. Showing your guests that you walk the walk proves that your hotel is trustworthy and transparent in what it stands for, which helps to build guest trust at the same time.

Not all boutique hoteliers may have the budget to keep a cleaning crew on staff, but it does present the opportunity to connect with local cleaning businesses. This type of networking is an excellent way to build a name within the community, and to build one another up as small businesses serving the same area. To learn more about finding the right services for your boutique hotel, contact us at today.