As the seasons change, so do the landscaping needs for your community. At, we know just how important curb appeal is for both current resident retention and attracting new prospective residents, so we want to break down for you an autumn checklist to keep your landscaping beautiful throughout this transitional season:

  • Aerate your grassy open spaces – If your community has grassy open spaces of any kind, autumn is the perfect time to aerate. Some may believe that this is an unnecessary step until they find pooling, dead grass, or cracked patches of land where there was once beautiful open field. Aeration breaks up the soil that has grown compacted during the spring and fall, which helps it to absorb moisture and nutrients more easily without water runoff. Not only will this result in easier to maintain grass, but it helps to fix pooling and flooding issues as well.
  • Feed one final time for the year – Feeding your grass helps to keep it healthy and strong, and even when the grass may look like its on its way out during the fall season, the roots are still growing, absorbing, and preparing themselves for the winter. One final feeding can help to prepare your grass for the harsher weather to come.
  • Collect your leaves – Leaf piles may look beautiful in the fall, but they also pose a risk. Wet leaves create a slip hazard and could become a liability, so leaf cleanup is one landscaping task that should be carried out regularly throughout the entire fall season. If your community has garden spaces, these leaves can be kept and turned into compost for the spring or responsibly disposed of.
  • One final mow – For your final mow of the year, it’s important to cut the grass down as closely as possible to prepare for the later autumn weather. Disease has a more difficult time thriving in short grass when compared to longer grasses, so cutting grass down as far as possible to prepare for the “off” season is recommended.
  • Trim limbs – If your area sees harsh winters, tree limbs can quickly become dangerous hazards. Once the leaves have fallen from the trees, have the limbs inspected and trimmed to get rid of any limb that may not make it through snow, ice, or windstorm.

At we know how important curb appeal is to the overall appeal of your community. With these simple autumn preparations, your landscape will be safe for winter and ready for the beauty and regrowth of spring. For more information on your community curb appeal, contact us at today.