Social media is one of the easiest and most effective marketing platforms for almost anything. As a boutique hotel owner, you should take advantage of the trends in social media to capture people’s attention. But how exactly are you going to make your boutique hotel an online sensation?

Ways To Gain Social Media Popularity

  • Capture Aesthetic Photos - Boutique hotels are known for their uniqueness, all thanks to the personal touch of their owners. It’s not enough to take good pictures of your facilities and amenities. When capturing photos, be sure that they match the vibe and aesthetic of your small hotel. Find the right angle and use the appropriate lighting to set the mood.

These photos not only will highlight your facilities but it will also show people what kind of experience awaits them if they visit your hotel.

  • Engage In Your Social Media Posts - Interacting with people on social media encourages them to leave comments, likes, and shares on your posts. These engagements will boost your social media presence and make your pages look lively and active. When your posts get a lot of attention, it has greater chances of reaching more people who could check and see what you have to offer.
  • Encourage Social Media Engagement With Your Guests - Asking for feedback, comments, or even a tag from your guests’ photos will be very helpful in establishing your presence and credibility. Whether it’s a good comment or a critique, accept those posts wholeheartedly. Always remember that your social media’s life and presence depend on the attention it is receiving from people online.
  • Present Your Most Unique Features - Give people something to talk about by sharing your most popular and unique hotel feature. It can be an amazing view, hi-tech facilities, special shows and events that people shouldn't miss, or even authentic must-try cuisine.

Show them something that they haven’t seen before and get them interested in your posts. This will immediately convince them to check you out sooner or later.

There are many opportunities in social media so it is best to make the most of it.