For community management teams, conflict resolution and problem solving doesn’t always come easy. Sometimes, you may find that complaints coming from your community are complicated, unreasonable, or impossible to reasonably fix within a desired span of time. This can pose a pretty stressful situation for community management teams, but one that is manageable when you have the right tools. A few tips for managing unreasonable community complaints are:

  • Consider who you’re speaking with – In some instances, a community member may not realize that their complaint is unreasonable. Living as a resident is often different than being a community manager, and they may not realize just how complex or complicated their complaint really is. If the individual you’re speaking with doesn’t complain often, or they’re otherwise very reasonable, you may simply be able to explain to them your point of view to quickly dissolve the problem. If the person you’re speaking with tends to bring these complaints to the table often, you may need to find an alternative solution to a larger problem.
  • Allow some cool-off time – Addressing the complaint quickly is recommended, but that doesn’t mean you have to come up with a solution straight away. In many instances, the resident may make the complaint in a moment of anger, and having a little cool-off time could allow them to see reason more clearly. Acknowledge the complaint, but give it a little time before addressing it if you believe the complaint has been made in a moment of heightened emotion.
  • Work toward compromise – When a complaint is difficult or complicated to address, working toward a compromise is always your best bet. Lay out your point of view on the situation, really listen to theirs, and try to meet somewhere in the middle. The idea of compromise in and of itself can be an excellent conflict resolution tool aloneAt, we know that these complicated complaints can lead to complicated situations, and we want to make them easier for you and your residents. If you’re looking to better resolve community complaints reasonable and unreasonable, contact us at today.