Property management is a fulfilling but demanding task and even property managers need a break after a busy day. We know how tempting it is to always make yourself available 24/7 for calls, messages, and inquiries, and perhaps it is a habit that you have developed over time. However, it is also vital to pamper yourself because continuously doing your work without break can take a toll on you, leaving you tired and not on your best when important situations call for it.

Taking a break does not mean completely dropping everything on the spot. To help you with your stress management, here are 4 ways that you can put to practice little by little.

  • Pause And Take Deep Breaths - When the flurry of tasks and responsibilities gets a little too overwhelming and you are starting to feel heavy and tired, this is a sign for you to pause whatever you are doing and do some breathing exercises. Taking deep breathes in and out a couple of times helps clear the mind and keep you calm. It helps you ground yourself and reclaim the focus you need to accomplish whatever tasks you have at the moment.
  • Delegate Work To Your Trusted People - If you already have a lot on your plate, do not hesitate to reach out to your most trusted people and assign them some tasks to ease your workload. Something as simple as letting others organize files and sort documents can already clear up more time on your schedule so you finish early and still have time to rest before the day ends.
  • Create A Schedule For Meetings And Answering Queries - We know that receiving calls can be unpredictable but there are also many instances when you get to schedule your meetings. Allotting a specific time or day for these every week can lessen the anxiety from expecting calls or messages all throughout the day at scattered intervals. For instance, you can promote your work hours up until late in the afternoon only. This way, you can have your evenings all to yourself.
  • Plot Your Day-Off - Give yourself at least one full day of rest when you would not have to answer any calls, messages, or meetings. When it comes to sudden incoming messages having a backup system will be incredibly helpful. You can either appoint someone to take over queries and concerns while you are away or you can get an automated answering service in your stead.

Duty calls all the time but failing to also give yourself the love, time, and care you deserve is not healthy and can even affect the quality of your work. Property managers are well-loved because they are able to present the best versions of themselves to people, which is possible when property managers are well-rested.

If you want to learn more about property management or need more tips about work and life balance for property managers, Occupancy Solutions is here for you.