While many of your guests will pre-book their stays weeks or even months in advance, there will be some who may pop by while passing through your area. Day tripping and road tripping have become big trends since the summer of 2020, and many of these travelers prefer to go wherever the wind may take them. Whether you’re looking to entice unexpected guests, or you’re looking to make your boutique hotel more noticeable online, curb appeal will help you to get it done.

Curb appeal refers to how striking or eye-catching your boutique hotel is from the street. Is it a place that will naturally draw the eye, entice, and leave passers-by wanting more? If the answer is no, that may be pointing you to a space where your hotel has room for improvement. A few ways to boost the curb appeal of your boutique hotel are:

•  Make use of exterior lighting – If you’re allowing your boutique hotel to be left in the dark during nighttime you’re losing valuable curb appeal hours. If travelers cannot see your property, they’re far less likely to stop by and this is just what you don’t want. Additionally, a well-lit exterior helps existing guests to feel safer staying with you at night whether they’re going out to explore the area’s nightlife or spending a quiet evening in their rooms.

•  Take a good look at your façade – When you look at the entryway of your boutique hotel, how do you feel? Is it inviting, warm, friendly, open, and welcoming? If it’s not, then you may have some work to do. When guests step through your doors they’re framing their first impression of you, and you only have one chance to make a good one.

•  Keep your grounds exciting and welcoming – Your grounds are the frame surrounding your hotel. In online marketing photos, from the street, or while staying at your hotel your landscaping is a huge part of your overall curb appeal. Using plants, a pool area if available, planters, and various pieces of décor you can create a uniquely beautiful space that demands attention.

Curb appeal is important and we at OccupancySolutions.com want to help in boosting curb appeal for today’s boutique hoteliers. To learn more about improving your curb appeal, or to learn more about how your curb appeal impacts you, contact us at OccupancySolutions.com today.