Loyalty is what keeps your residents around. There will always be grass that looks greener on the other side, but your residents do not have to branch out and see that for themselves when they feel appreciated and wanted where they already are. Cultivating loyalty in your community residents needs to be done as naturally as possible. Any measures that feel forced will be spotted by those looking for a genuine experience. Here are a few ways to cultivate loyalty and retain your best residents:

  • Look After Your Residences – The best way to show loyalty is through action, and for property management teams, that means looking after your buildings and your residents. When paint begins to chip, gutters start slipping, or sidewalks begin getting dingy or looking worn, it is important to address those issues straight away. When residents see that you take great care of the property, they will know you can look after them properly as well.
  • Observe The Current Local Market – While you may think that your community is the very best in town, pricing it as such is not likely to retain many residents or build much loyalty. Keep an eye on the local market, and see to it that your rental rates are in line with what is typical in your area for what you offer. Going too high will cause residents to look elsewhere, while going too low can make prospective residents wary of what your community may really be like.
  • Become A Part Of The Community If you are not involved with the community as a whole, how can you expect resident involvement? Be an engaged and welcoming member of your own community, and you will find that your own enthusiasm is contagious. Residents will feel cared for and closer to you knowing that you are an active community member just like they are.
  • Embrace Perks And Rewards Residents love to feel appreciated, and one simple way to extend appreciation is through perks and rewards. Points for contributing to the community and paying rent on time, gifts for referrals, or simple thank you cards can all go a long way in terms of cultivating true loyalty.

If you are looking for more ways to cultivate loyalty in your community, do not hesitate to get in touch with Occupancy Solutions today.