One of the best ways to get repeat customers and favorable online reviews is by providing guests with a positive customer service experience. To ensure your marketing can capitalize on this, here’s how to improve it.

Improve Your Staff

Above all other things, your staff, from concierge to cleaning, is the face of your hotel and serves guests. Continually improve, educate—and most important of all-reward your team when they provide an experience that guests praise. You can even “gamify” this with specific tasks, milestones, goals, and rewards.

Exceed Expectations

If you want guests to remember your hotel positively, you must go beyond what they expect. Complimentary breakfast, for example, isn’t all that unusual. However, complimentary room service for people staying a certain duration? People remember and even talk about that kind of extra service in reviews. When you make guests feel like they are getting special treatment, they remember it, talk about it, and come back for it.

Invest In Your Best Feature

If there’s something about your hotel that guests love, or associate with your hotel, play to your strengths. For example, the Westin hotel chain emphasizes guests getting a good night’s sleep and has invested heavily in quality beds to live up to this promise. Whether your hotel is about good food, unique décor, or personalized service, play this up.

Respond Quickly

The number one reason people think service is substandard is when they are forced to wait. Whether that is being served food or having an issue with the room addressed, a tardy response—or worse yet, none at all—is guaranteed to make guests think poorly of your hotel’s customer service. Even if you can’t quickly solve a guest’s issue, responding promptly is always appreciated, something guests will return for.

If you’d like to improve the customer service of your small hotel, contact Occupancy Solutions and let us help.