The most common or popular resident objections of today may not look the same as the most popular of 10 years ago. We at want to look at some of the common objections that community management teams are seeing today and propose ideas on how to overcome these in order to turn prospective residents into community members. 4 popular objections and how to overcome them are:

1.  “The residence is small” – With many families downsizing all across the United States, size has become a main issue when it comes to prospective residents looking for a new home. While a prospective resident may need to compromise a bit on size, community management teams can sell other benefits of the community in order to make the size issue less of a problem. Does your community offer a pool? What about community events or outings? What sorts of amenities are in the surrounding area? Are you located near public transport? All of these perks can (and often do) outweigh a residence size objection.

2. West-facing residences – Residences that face the west, or have large windows facing west, might seem like a selling point for community management teams, especially if the area is surrounded by pleasant landscapes. However, a setting sun in the summer can heat up a residence quickly, and prospective residents might object to a strong evening sun shining through their main windows. Overcoming this objection can be made simple by suggesting the installation blackout or insulated curtains in the residence to fix the sunlight issue quickly and easily at will. If a resident wishes to see a beautiful sunset, the curtains can be pulled back, if the sun is getting a bit too hot in the summer, the curtains can be drawn.

3. “The price seems high” – Pricing is a highly common objection, but one that can be simple to overcome. By keeping costs competitive to the area the community is in, community management teams can reassure prospective residents that they keep costs comparable and average to what can be found anywhere in the local market.

4. The timing isn’t right – Timing is important to residents when they’re looking to enter into a lease. If timing is a potential objection, community management teams can mention that residences are filling up in the community and within the area, and the opportunity may not be available if a prospect chooses to wait

At we strive to help community management teams to overcome objections with confidence. To learn more about popular objections and how to overcome them in order to bring new residents into your community, contact us today.