A successful apartment tour does more than just show off your space. It sells a lifestyle and gives potential residents a glimpse of what life would be like in your community. Hosting a good tour will ensure you fill vacancies quickly and win over your ideal occupants. Here is a step-by-step guide to hosting a winning apartment tour every time.

Before Getting Started

Coordinate a time for the tour that is convenient for the prospective resident. Ideally, this should be during daylight hours to showcase the apartment in natural light and display its true potential. Prepare the apartment before the tour. Ensure it is clean, well-lit, and ventilated. Minor repairs, if any, should be addressed before the visit. The apartment should showcase the best possible living environment you offer.

Step 1: Offer A Warm Welcome

Greet the potential resident warmly upon their arrival. First impressions matter; your demeanors should be professional, friendly, and accommodating.

Step 2: Introduce The Community

Start with a brief overview of the community, its amenities, and the surrounding neighborhood. Highlight what sets your apartments apart, such as proximity to essential services, unique facilities, or community events.

Step 3: Tour The Apartment

Show the potential resident through the apartment. Let them lead the way and feel at home, but be close by to answer questions. Begin with the living area, then the kitchen, bedrooms, and finally the bathroom. Make sure to point out any special features or recent upgrades.

Step 4: Demonstrate Apartment Functionality

As you move through each room, demonstrate the functionality of appliances, heating/cooling systems, windows, and other apartment features.

Step 5: Highlight Community Amenities

If your apartments include shared amenities such as a gym, pool, laundry facility, or communal areas, show these to the prospective resident. Emphasize how these features contribute to a better living experience.

Step 6: Address Safety Measures

Talk about the security measures, such as CCTV cameras, door access systems, fire safety equipment, etc. Safety is often a significant concern; addressing this proactively will reassure potential residents.

Step 7: Provide Room For Questions

Encourage the potential resident to ask questions and provide clear, honest answers. They might want to know about lease terms, pet policies, maintenance routines, or parking provisions.

Step 8: Conclude The Tour

End the tour positively, expressing your eagerness to have them join the community. Provide them with a packet containing a rental application, apartment brochure, and other pertinent details.

After the tour, follow up with the prospective occupant with a phone call or email, thanking them for their time and offering to answer any further questions. Also, try to tailor your tours to each prospective resident's individual needs and interests. You'll be sure to leave a lasting impression. For more strategies for engaging prospective renters, contact Occupancy Solutions. Our team will help you implement strategies to increase your occupancy rates.