"So many of my team members loved the The Fair Housing Training class Elaine taught last month.  She kept everyone engaged by keeping the class interactive and fun while discussing various cases.  Looking forward to working with her more in the future."

Kathleen Tandy 
The Associated Management Company

"Worry free solutions with Occupancy Solutions! Elaine and her team make an effective social media presence for our properties!  Keeping Prospects and Residents engaged"

Jennifer Staniszewski 
Regional Manager
Lockwood Management

"Wanted to thank you for doing our own On – Line Fair Housing Training.  Since we have a large staff of 13, it is very difficult to leave the property for our required training.It also gave us the opportunity to interact with our maintenance staff in different scenario’s that may not have come up or that were not fully understood on a day to day basis. Your presentation indeed sparked questions which I believe is the key to successful learning!

Hope that we are able to continue this for years to come!"

Mary Arnett  
Property Manager
Green Acres Apartments

"Your class last week was a wonderful and I appreciated your presentation very much. I was pleasantly surprised to learn a new prospective in several areas, even though I have had many fair housing classes through the years. The presentation kept us all on our toes, thanks again."

Jane Lamerson  
Regional Property Manager
KMG Prestige, Inc.

"I was in your fair housing seminar last week, it was very interesting and I definitely learned a lot from it. Coming from the construction side I wasn’t aware of some of the things that the housing people have to be aware of."

Nick Wesolek
PK Construction Co.

"Thank you so much for providing our employees such a great training! I got very good feedback from them and hope they can apply what they learned into practice.

We look forward to having you again next year!"

Siyang Xia 
Vice President of Asset Management
HH Fund

"Having been to many training's in my career, I can honestly say that Elaine Simpson is one of the best in the business!  She is my favorite trainer.  She is extremely relateable, personable, and very passionate about what she does.  She makes the topics fun, interactive and definitely not boring.  I have learned so much from her these past 5 years.  I truly look forward to her workshops."

Rick Goren
Community Manager
Lockwood of Waterford Senior Community

"With expertise and efficiency, Occupancy Solutions completed a difficult lease-up in a compressed time frame. Their mindset is strategic and their execution is crisp."

Jen Nguyen
Chief Financial Officer
Community Development Partners

"Thank you so much for speaking at our yearly training meeting. Over a few simple conference calls, you were able to capture every point with such ease making your presentation customized for our team. Speaking to a group of employees who have "seen it all," you were able to keep them engaged, spark interaction and maintain a new level of energy with our crowd. That's not easy to do! You really understand your audience and it shows. Thank you for making our meeting a big success. We look forward to working with you again in the future."

Tammy Hubble
Systems Administrative/Corporate Trainer
Winterwood Property Management

"Last week I attended our annual training conference in which Elaine Simpson lead several courses. She did a phenomenal job. When you walk into a classroom with a small number of people and are told you're going to be there for 2 hours, there's that sense of dread that we all feel, right? Not necessary with her. The class was over before we even realized it. She kept our attention so well, the time just flew by. I can undoubtedly say this year was my favorite thus far, because of the energetic and effective way she taught her courses. Who knew ANOTHER fair housing seminar could keep 350+ people interested? Way to go, Elaine!"

Kristi Benfield
Sr. Property Manager
The Lux Townhomes
Winterwood Property Management 

"Thank you so much for bringing your stimulating training to our 2017 Employee Education Conference last month.  I received a lot of positive feedback on the surveys regarding your Fair Housing training and also the Tax Credit training that Julie presented.  I was a little nervous having new trainers this year, but I absolutely should not have been.  You and Julie were so refreshing!  The enthusiasm for the subject matter that you both imparted on our group was very welcome.   The coloring books that everyone received in their welcome bags were a big hit too!  I appreciate the part that you and Julie played in making this conference a success!"

Belinda Ray
Executive Director
Community Housing Management

"Elaine, I just wanted to take the opportunity to say thank you on behalf of the Harmony Oaks staff for the excellent Leasing training we received last week.  We are excited about trying some of the ideas you and our colleagues presented.

Thank you!"

Aisha Duniver
Property Manager
McCormack Baron Management

"Good morning,
I recognized that the only time I really send emails copying all of you only when there is an issue.  I really want to thank you, Emily for really stepping up and providing us with timely responses, great teamwork from you and quality work.  There are so many properties that rave about you!  The managers feedback is incredibly positive in Arizona and California.  You have really become our partner and teammate.  There were some bumps in the road initially However you have worked those out and have made such an impact.  I know your responsibilities have grown immensely and you have done an amazing job.  Thank you for all you do and really being on top of these properties.  You are appreciated!

Thank you, Emily!  Have a great day."

Jacquelyn Karre, CAM, HCCP
Senior Property Manager

"Whether you're working on multi-million dollar real estate deals or parenting a recalcitrant child, Elaine's presentation on negotiation offers practical tips for success!  She is an entertaining and engaging speaker.  Her talk was both fun and informative!"

Jessica Hallmark, Esq
Education Committee
Commercial Real Estate Women

"We reached out to Elaine Simpson to provide a leasing training to some of communities in the New York area and after having a couple of phone calls, Elaine narrowed down our needs to be marketing not leasing.  Following the all day training,I asked the property managers individually about their thoughts from your presentation, they were thrilled with the training.  It was refreshing,  focusing  on opportunities and low to no cost marketing efforts and resident retention.  The activities were relevant and well received.  The training reminded them that there is more to our business than compliance.  I heard from several attendees that we simply do not have enough of this type of training.  All good stuff!" 

Pamela W. Monroe, CPM
Vice President, Property Manager
National Church Residences

"Excellent webinar presentation "It's Fair Housing Not Fear Housing"!  It was delivered smoothly for all to follow even through its many facets.  Also, your knowledge of the topic with real life examples made it far more effective than one 2 hour presentation would normally be on a topic so complex."

Scott Lembke 
United Church Homes

“Thank you!!  I absolutely LOVED having Julie out at our properties!!  She is close to perfect!!  I really appreciate all of you being so diligent in our reporting to ADOH.  It has always been really important to me to have everything submitted before the due date (this was the first time a compliance auditor has visited each one of my sites to pull information, let alone Douglas) .  Also, if I did not show my appreciation in catching the UA changes, I am VERY thankful that you are checking that!  I understand tax credit but I am certainly not an expert and that is why all of you are our teammates!  I always want to be confident that our limits are accurate and our files are GREAT!  I know I can be aggressive when I am following up on compliance, I just don’t ever want to NOT be in compliance; that does freak me out.  I feel much better knowing that you are checking income/rent limits in addition to UA’s and sending me the changes when they apply, then I update the rent schedule and send it to our owner in addition to a copy of the new UA.  I never want to be in a position where they catch it before us.  HUGE THANK YOU!!!! 

Jacquelyn Karre, CAM, HCCP
Senior Property Manager

"Elaine Simpson provided an entertaining and enlightening Customer Service presentation to our team of leasing, managers, maintenance and corporate multifamily professionals.  The content was spot on for our team and kept everyone engaged!  It was a great program to kick off our team holiday event!  I would highly recommend Elaine Simpson for your workshop or for your keynote needs."

Roxann Kalski
Property Manager for Lakeside Village
Altman Property Management

"We were highly impressed with the ability of Elaine and her team to navigate very specific criteria that applied to our applicants. They truly are experts at what they do. We reached our occupancy goal with a remarkably fast turnaround."

Caryn Winter
Oracle Consulting Services

"We are very fortunate to have met you and look forward to continuing to work with you as our future developments come to fruition.  Thank you for all of the guidance and results from you and your team!  We certainly intend to call you in the future."

Edward S. Taylor
Fairfield Property Management

"We appreciate all you have done to help increase occupancy at our properties.  Your service has been invaluable to the property, owners and management company!"

Renee Wiggins
Senior Asset Manger
Fairfield Property Management

"It was a pleasure to be in your CAM class yesterday.  You have a way of simplifying formulas, to where it is not so overwhelming for people that do not have math brains."

Cathie Udeck
Property Manger
909 West

"I highly recommend Occupancy Solutions to any Owner that is looking for help with successfully positioning their property in the marketplace.

Elaine and her team did a phenomenal job in assessing the property’s marketing needs, implementing the marketing program and helping us achieve our goal of leasing 200 Section 42 units within three (3) months.  Thank you Occupancy Solutions. We couldn’t have done it without your help!"

Dean Nucich
Managing Principal
Urban Offerings, Inc.

"Thanks Elaine!

That was a very informative session (Affordable Marketing & Outreach Solutions) on Thursday.  Thanks for coming to St. Louis and sharing a bit of your knowledge bank!  We've already started an entire campaign focused around Resident Referrals.  Thanks for the ideas!"

Scott Johnson
Marketing/Leasing Director
The Village of Bogey Hills

"Elaine did a great job teaching the Conflict Resolution Solutions class and this class should be given to every new manager!"

Sharon Jones
Continental Management 

"I would just like to say thank you for providing extra tools to help me with resolving conflict.  I really enjoyed the training and I look forward to more of them.  Thanks again!"

Michelle R. Stokes, COS, TCS
Property Manager
920 On The Park

“Thanks for being awesome and providing uplifting training!"”

Claudia Jones - COS, ARM, CAPS
Regional Manager
Associate Management Companies

“I’m extremely happy with your session! You are an excellent teacher. I will definitely keep you in mind for future AHAIN events!”

Charyl Luth
Executive Director
Affordable Housing Association of Indiana

"We just received the brochures for Centre on Wednesday and they look GREAT!  I wanted to say thanks again and I really appreciate how quickly you were able to get these done."

Thanks and have a great holiday weekend!"

Chris Bromley
Area Manager

"I recently participated in an Elaine Simpson Communication Strategies Solutions class.  The class was awesome!  The class teaches us to really listen to what a person is asking.  Body language can play a very big part of communication and can sometimes be misconstrued if you are not paying attention.  Elaine makes this class and other classes fun and interesting including games relating to the class series.  I believe all team members should be included in these classes."

Cheryl Smith
Property Manager
Silver Lake Arbors Apartments

“I would highly recommend Occupancy Solutions, LLC to any company looking to tackle marketing needs. We have finite budgets and Elaine was able to provide marketing ideas as it relates to resident retention and how to add value through outreach and local community relationships.  Our managers left the seminar with great ideas they will implement at their properties for little to no cost.”

Joanne J. Golden
Executive Vice President/Regional Vice President
KMG Prestige

"Eight months ago we met to discuss ways to improve our occupancy while increasing our rents. Like most properties, ours was a special situation and needed input that was unusual and creative. Your initial suggestions convinced us to commit to your program, understanding there is never a quick, simple solution.

Based on your early observations we set out on a long-term plan. The plan required us to make changes to all parts of our business plan. It was not an easy transition, but we wanted to make a major improvement in our operation.

After eight months we can summarize our experience as follows:

  • Our occupancy is higher and remains between 93-97%;
  • Our rents have increased between $200-300 per month depending on style and location;
  • Our traffic has increased between 25-35%, depending on how it is measured;
  • Our future bookings for next winter are showing an increase, between 15-30% in both volume AND in rates;
  • Our office Policies and Procedures Manual is being updated and perfected;
  • Our office staff has improved their presentation, telephone & closing techniques, making them better prepared to help out AND to make them over valuable in their own careers;
  • Our websites have been updated and improved;
  • We are able to spend less personal time supervising the property since you are helping AND the employees are better able to manage after eight months of improvement;
  • By increasing our gross income and projected future income, our property is more valuable than it was eight months ago.

Thank you again for your help these past eight months. And don’t plan on leaving us as we need your continued input. We believe the SkySong area is just beginning to flourish and our property will continue to benefit."

Kathleen & George Beebe
Managing Member OSAGE, LLC

"I just wanted to say thank you for all the time and talent you shared with us that contributed to the success of Mapleview. Your training, follow up, attitude and expertise were integral in the turn around of the community. Thank you for helping us achieve this 100% milestone!

Thank you!"

Krista Gross
Area Manager
Lockwood Management

"We found Elaine through the recommendation of a stranger who attended one of her previous sessions and talked about it at an association meeting. We decided to give Elaine and Occupancy Solutions a try and we are thrilled with that decision. Elaine was a true professional as we worked through the training logistics -- extremely responsive and flexible. She presented two different seminars for us over two days. Both sessions were well presented, on topic and fun. Our staff have thanked us for finding Elaine as they had a positive learning experience with her."

Theresa McDowell
Director - Risk Management & HR
TM Associates Management, Inc.

"Elaine and her staff at Occupancy Solutions are FANTASTIC! We acquired a property out of foreclosure that had occupancy of 33% occupancy with a 15% economic occupancy. Our rehab efforts, coupled with Occupancy Solutions's marketing initiatives, resulted in an occupancy rate of 100% with a 48 family wait-list! It's wonderful to know that Ginosko Development Company can rely on Occupancy Solution's expertise to help mitigate the risks when analyzing a property for acquisition; or increase cash flow in an already existing property. I highly recommend Elaine for all of your occupancy solution needs!"

Amin Irving
Ginosko Development Company

"Elaine-We have implemented several of your suggestions at Rock Creek, updated internet advertising, put some urgency in the newspaper ads, developed some community network contacts and already we have seen results! We currently are down to 4 vacant units and are processing 2 more applications! We are very excited and looking forward to ending the year in a good light!

We will be implementing even more of your suggestions throughout the remainder of this year and hoping for valuable networking relationships for years to come!

YEAH !!!! and Thank you!"

Mary Arnett
Area Director
PK Housing & Management

"Thank you again for the Basic Leasing Solutions Class held on Monday, Jan. 14th, 2013. It was very informative, fun to participate in, and gave me tools I used on Tuesday, the very next day, as we had a referral come in looking at several apartments."

Nancy M. Valek
Leasing Agent
Jefferson Street Square Apartments

"Training with Elaine was undoubtedly time well spent. Maintaining a balance of being both personable and professional, Elaine was an enjoyable source of knowledge.

Training with Elaine was beneficial to my professional growth, which I feel had a direct impact on the performance of the property. I think every leasing specialist in our office would agree. In our first meeting, Elaine was able to methodically target both our strengths and weaknesses in the leasing process. With this knowledge, Elaine engaged us in group discussions, activities, and presentations to build upon what we were already excelling at and to also give us fundamental information and skills to strengthen our weaknesses.

Elaine's exercises helped instill a sense of confidence in my abilities to lease. She helped me become more descriptive when showing the property so I could portray a space in a more aesthetic light. Most notably, Elaine armed me with tactics and strategies to read people in order to highlight what we have that best fits their needs in relation to what our property has to offer versus competitors.

After gathering a personal account of our product and market, Elaine provided input and suggestions in regard to our marketing strategy based on her past experience. Elaine also provided an extensive overview of Fair Housing Laws - she stressed the importance of providing every prospective resident who walks through the door with the same experience. Lastly, Elaine reminded us of the importance in "shutting the back door" to reduce turnover; based upon our accounts of why people were leaving, Elaine made several suggestions in regard to practices we could implement in order to increase retention.

In the months since our time with Elaine our property has flourished. Our marketing tactics are successful as traffic through our doors is at an all-time high. A large portion of people who walk through our door now leave with a lease in-hand. In addition, the portion of people renewing their lease has increased. Lastly, more people than ever seem not only thrilled with the product and presentation we offer, but are also grateful for the relationship we nurture with our residents.

In my opinion, there is a direct correlation with the time I spent in training with Elaine and the current success of our property. So, thank you, Elaine, for strengthening my confidence, abilities, and knowledge in regard to the work I do"

Andrew Roberts
Assistant Property Manager
Plaza at Overland Park

"I wanted to send you a brief e-mail to tell you how much I loved your seminar for Terry Scott Associates in South Lyon yesterday at Waters Edge apartments. Your seminar was fun and insightful. I hope I have the opportunity to attend another seminar of yours in the future"

Dawn Herron
Camelot Villas

"We contracted Occupancy Solutions to design, purchase furnishings, and stage a two bedroom model for our newly acquired apartment community. Elaine Simpson of Occupancy Solutions promised to have the model finalized within ten days and understood the importance of appealing to our target demographics. We are so thrilled with the end result that we intend to have Elaine improve one of our commercial office buildings as well. The model created by Elaine Simpson is even more impressive than the model we were hoping for and was complete in less than a week! The attention to detail and whimsical clever accents make this model an incredible tool in our leasing process. We highly recommend hiring Occupancy Solutions because they are very responsive, creative, and understand the various target demographics and rental markets!"

Jennifer Essary
Regional Property Manager
The TSA Group

"PK Housing & Management contacted Elaine Simpson of Occupancy Solutions because we had a senior community that had to be 100% leased within the next 60 days and had several units still to fill with very little traffic. Elaine was sensitive to our budget constraints and responded very quickly by visiting the site within just a few days of our telephone conversation. After the site visit and an internet marketing assessment, Elaine provided my team with a number of suggestions and assisted them by providing guidance on their outreach efforts, temporary signage, open houses, and advertising ideas. I am happy to report that with Elaine's assistance we reached our 100% goal within the required 60 days and our building was qualified! I would recommend using Elaine Simpson and Occupancy Solutions for all your lease up needs because they are very cost effective and provide great service.

Elaine Simpson's vast knowledge and innovative ideas were of tremendous help on this particular assignment and we plan to use her again."

Pete Potterpin
PK Housing & Management Co.

"My properties have shown incredible improvement since you started working with them. I can’t believe how much better the sites are doing today. I don’t know what took me so long to get you involved!"

Lora D. Gilbert
Vice President of Asset Management
LarC Properties, Inc.

"Kathy and Elaine conduct a very valuable Fair Housing seminar that spoke to a diverse audience. Our specific group had many individuals new to property management and fair housing and others who are well versed in the history and practices of Fair Housing. Their presentation kept all attendees engaged and their use of real world examples prompted much better absorption of information, because individuals could relate example scenarios to one’s everyday work experiences.”

Aaron L. Rosenhaus
Uniland Corporation

"Thank you again for such a great seminar on Fair Housing – very informative and interactive! Thanks!"

Cheryl H. Carney
Vice President of Housing
Presbyterian Villages of Michigan

"Just a quick note about your Fair Housing Seminar and to say thanks for a great seminar yesterday. I've been to a lot of seminars in the past 25 years and I've got to say -- this presentation was one of the best. Thanks for keeping it interesting!"

Mary Ellen Walsh
Service Coordinator
Lutheran Social Service of Michigan

"Elaine created an extensive 4 hour Customer Service seminar based on our company's specific needs and desires. She facilitated a high energy, fun, interactive and a very educational class that kept everyone's interest and participation by varying the pace with numerous individual challenges and group break out problem solving activities. The session was a great success with our team of 40+ attendees and I would highly recommend using Occupancy Solutions and Elaine's training services."

Steve Shimmons
General Property Manager
Edward Rose & Sons

"Occupancy Solutions has assisted my team in creating a strong Marketing Plan using the information we gathered from our training sessions and has coached us over the last few months via telephone, emails, visits and regularly scheduled conference calls to make sure we were not getting sidetracked on our plan. I am proud to say that we have increased qualified traffic, increased closing ratios and considerably reduced resident turnover the result is that we are 99% leased in Phase I and 97% leased in Phase II!

We have learned a lot, we have been able to actually live out the plan and seen results thanks to the efforts, knowledge and support that Occupancy Solutions gave us in our time of need."

Melissa Fuller
Community Manager
Mapleview I & Il

"Elaine has provided one on one and group training, individual & team development, outreach training, proper telephone techniques with continued feedback, and closing techniques to my leasing team at Lakeshore Village Apartments. While using the services of Occupancy Solutions, my leasing team has trained very hard using the techniques and unique approaches to leasing. They have advanced their skills and increased their closing ratios considerably. Our occupancy has improved so much over the past 12 months that we are 100% leased in one phase with over 95% occupancy. Currently Lakeshore has a waiting list for both our 1 & 3- Bedroom apartments! The basis of this success is from the training and consulting that we have received from Occupancy Solutions."

Christina Collings
Property Manager
Lakeshore Village Apartments

"I was first introduced toOccupancy Solutions during a 2 day Market Positioning Training Session in September 2009. Our site staff was scheduled to participate in this special training that was supposed to give us a better understanding of Marketing, Outreaching and Networking"and it did! This was one of the most valuable training sessions I had ever participated in. This session was strictly about our community so we spent 2 days focused on Centre Street and how to market it. I found the outreach strategies and networking information to be the most unique and useful than any other marketing training that I have received. We created a plan based on the notes and have since reached 100% occupancy mostly in part to the strategic planning created as a result of the training provided by Occupancy Solutions.

I found the outreach strategies and networking information to be the most unique and useful than any other marketing training that I have received."

Sandy Hildebrand
Community Manager
Centre Street Village

"The quick response, wonderful customer service and knowledge that Occupancy Solutions has of not only the multi family but specifically senior market and leasing far surpassed anything that I could ever imagine!"

Krista Gross
Community Manager
Cranbrook Terrace Senior Community

"We enlisted the consulting services of Occupancy Solutions, LLC to assist us with a community that has had significant leasing/occupancy problems. At the end of May 2010, we had 59 vacant out of 200 tax credit townhomes. In just about two months we have decreased vacancy to 38 vacant units (a decrease of 21 vacant units). Currently, we are working 39 applications including 6 applications that are on a waiting list for our three bedroom townhomes. This is and was a team effort and Occupancy Solutions has played a very important role. The knowledge, expertise, support and consulting services provided by Occupancy Solutions are superb."

Cheryl Chorazewitz
Larc Properties

"Occupancy Solutions provided a thorough assessment identifying how our unique product fit in the senior market as well as our many strengths and a few weaknesses. This was complemented by 4 days of site staff training including a 2 day leasing training and the 2 day Market Positioning Brainstorming session. The information, techniques and strategies were very helpful and pointed us in the right direction and we are on our way to reaching 100% occupancy. Along with the assessment and training sessions, Occupancy Solutions went above and beyond their scope of work and created numerous reports and policies such as a telephone script created specifically for Heron Manor staff, resident retention plan, resident survey, weekly occupancy and leasing report and a very useable outreach log."

Kim R.H. Cross, CPM
Chief Operating Officer
Dwelling Place of Grand Rapids, Inc.

"Park Place was struggling with low occupancy of 54.5%. Occupancy Solutions, LLC assessed the situation and determined that the lack of leasing skills and a negative public image were the cause of the high vacancy. Occupancy Solutions worked closely with site staff improving leasing procedures and skills while also creating and implementing an intensive outreach program that would educate and connect the local agencies with Park Place Apartments and our residents. The site staff"s closing ratios tripled while the public image of Park Place improved as a direct result of the training and outreach efforts by Occupancy Solutions resulting in 95% occupancy."

Bradley Froling
Schwartz Bradley LLC

"Working with Elaine has been a refreshing change of pace. Elaine's bold new approaches to training and community outreach programs have proven successful each time we have worked with her."

Rick Laber
Executive Vice President
Great Lakes Capital Fund

"We have used Elaine and her companies for a variety of services relating to marketing, leasing, outreach and training. Not only did Elaine play a primary role in rewriting our Marketing and Leasing section of our P& P manual, she provided the roll out training to all of our employees. She has stepped up and created specific training programs to address the many different needs of our multi family and senior communities. Elaine's knowledge, experience and creativity provide innovative training and services that have all had very positive results."

Rodney Lockwood, Jr.
Lockwood Companies

"We have utilized the services of Occupancy Solutions/Senior Options and Services for marketing consulting and training. They have always been responsive, flexible and willing to tailor the program to what we need. We are very happy with the results and have seen improvement with increased productivity. Elaine has a "can do" attitude and determination that is evident in her presentations."

Sandra Kravitz
VP of Sales and Marketing
Presbyterian Villages of Michigan

"Lockwood Companies has used Elaine and her 2 day Site Specific Marketing/Leasing Training" on a number of communities that were struggling with occupancy and leasing. She works with the site staff as a team to identify their target demographic, then brain storms and creates a marketing plan that they all believe in. She then leads them and guides them through the process of implementing the plan. The site staffs love the training program and we have seen great results in leasing, marketing and even staff morale."

Pam Predium
Regional Property Manager
Lockwood Companies

"Elaine and Kathy facilitated an interactive, fun and very educational Fair Housing Continuing Education session! They did their homework and made sure that the session was geared to our senior resident population as well as the various types of affordable and market rate rental programs. We were captivated by the stories and experiences that were shared by Elaine and Kathy. The pace was upbeat and well set with a few video clips and a number of interactive activities and discussions. I would highly recommend attending this Fair Housing presentation! "

Kathy Bartz
Vice President of Sales and Marketing
Presbyterian Villages of Michigan