Consulting Services:

Property Repositioning

Property Management Consulting Services | Occupancy Solutions LLC - business_meetingBecause every multi-family community presents unique problems and opportunities, we concentrate on problem-solving individual assets, not implementing "cookie-cutter" plans. We develop and implement strategic repositioning plans addressing marketing, image, leasing, resident retention and other areas of operations that directly influence leasing and renewals. Most importantly, we focus on team, site-specific and individualized training for your staff so that they understand, support and are ready to implement the plan.

To best meet the needs of the community and to gain support of the site team, we hold a two day “Market Repositioning Brainstorming” session with the community site staff. During this brainstorming session, as a team we analyze and compare how the community competes in the market and who is and should be the target prospective resident. This is achieved through numerous interactive exercises. Once this is completed, the repositioning action plan begins to take shape. We identify the best approach to improve the community’s image, how to connect with the potential resident, what steps to take to reduce resident turnover and cost effective techniques and strategies to achieve optimal occupancy while realizing ideal rents.

Occupancy Solutions, LLC will then assist in the implementation of the Repositioning Action Items which often includes additional training and coaching as needed depending on the needs of the community’s team.

Outreach and Networking

Property Management Consulting Services | Occupancy Solutions LLC - trainingOutreach

A common misconception is that performing outreach is the same as cold calling. Most people dread cold calling for fear of rejection; because of this, people don’t conduct outreach. Occupancy Solutions believes the difference between the two is that outreach is partnership building and cold calling is asking for a sale! When you outreach, you create partnerships that will add value to living at your community and encourage loyalty from your residents.

Occupancy Solutions will work closely with your team, exploring who, why, how, when and what to do to make outreach efforts effective. Your team will learn how to connect with businesses, organizations and local agencies, creating partnerships resulting in referrals and providing services, programs and resources for current and future residents. Learn what to say to increase referrals and create value-added programs at your community.

Property Management Consulting Services | Occupancy Solutions LLC - networkingNetworking

Networking is a type of outreach that is often overlooked in our industry. Networking allows one to connect with multiple people and groups with minimal effort. Your team will learn a variety of networking techniques and explore what to do before, during and after the event to make it easier, fun and effective. Your team will learn all the tools to be very successful and effective!

Occupancy Solutions believes that coaching throughout outreach and networking plans enhances and improves your team's results. In addition to teaching, creating and coaching through outreach and networking plans, Occupancy Solutions can perform outreach and networking services representing your community or can team up with your team members to support and enhance their efforts.

Plan Implementation Coaching

Property Management Consulting Services | Occupancy Solutions LLC - coacingOne of the biggest challenges a site encounters is that once the plan or action items are created, how do they implement the plan and action items to meet their goals. Occupancy Solutions believes that true education often requires ongoing teaching and coaching to reinforce what your team members have learned. Coaching helps your team members to be more effective, meet their goals and achieve success.

Coaching is also an important tool in leasing training plans as well as employee performance improvement plans. The coaching for these types of plans is provided primarily on an individual basis and allows the leasing education or performance improvement plan to be enforced and applied in day to day situations. This ongoing coaching provides assistance in addressing unexpected challenges, reaching goals, increasing closing ratios, improving occupancy, reducing turnover and improving customer service.

Coaching can be provided in person, via telephone, via internet and on a daily, weekly, biweekly, monthly, quarterly or as-needed basis and is suitable to teams as well as individuals.

Property Management Consulting

Property owners have a lot of responsibilities, and paying attention to the tiny details is sometimes just as important as handling the major ones. Outsourcing your property management needs to companies like Occupancy Solutions, LLC can help you reduce stress and hassles while still keeping your residents happy.  We are happy to provide property management consulting to help meet your specific needs. 

One thing that deserves major attention from any property manager or owner is that of developing their employees. While focusing on things like marketing and leasing agreements is given plenty of effort, your employees and the way that you train and develop them will have just as much of an impact on your bottom line.  With our property management consulting we can help you each step of the way.

If you're not convinced, just take a look at some of the different ways this is true.

  • When you train your employees, you help them learn new ways to be more efficient. This increase in productivity means that you get more value out of the money you spend on them.
  • Training employees also helps them feel more valued, which in turn can lead to improved morale and confidence. This means that they will be more likely to stay as part of your team and to potentially tell other great employees about your property.
  • Better, more efficient employees means that your residents will also be more satisfied with their experience at your property. When your team is able to keep the property looking its best and help your residents with whatever they need, your residents are more satisfied.
  • You may also end up turning entry level employees into top tier talent over the years. This can reduce your onboarding costs and help you avoid having to search too far for the right team members.

When it comes to improving your bottom line, the simple fact is that the right kind of training can have a dramatic impact. Our team believes in making it easier for you to get the kind of results you need, and we're ready to help you with any of your property management needs with property management consulting.

How is our training different?  We provide a total assessment of your business.  We look at what is working, what is not working, evaluate current systems, and get you answers. This process can be as detailed as you want.  After we review the assessment of your business with you we come up with a plan of action specifically tailored to your company.  Then we implement the plan with one-on-one training and coaching with your team to help you achieve your goals.  Property Management consulting allows us to create the solutions you need for your business.  There is not a formula or template that we use for each client it is new and different each time. 

Take a look at one of our recent projects:

  Occupancy Solutions President Elaine Simpson explained, "We had to quickly and carefully assess the project in order to create and implement the plan needed to meet their deadline. We identified several key areas that needed to be addressed including the property's website, online presence, social media, added the property to 30+ free listing websites and created flyers for outreach. Once those necessary changes were made, we then took over all the marketing to ensure it was consistent, engaging and effective." Occupancy Solutions also provided coaching to the team at Winterwood Property Management on leasing and made sure that the proper strategies were firmly in place.



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