Time management is an important skill to learn. When you learn better time management skills, you will find it easier to improve other aspects of life and business. You won't have the excuse of running out of time anymore when you fail to get something on your list done.

Today we will talk about why time management skills are a must for a maintenance team.

Assess Your Workload

The time we have to do things is constant. There are as many hours today as there is tomorrow. You need to analyze the tasks you have to see what you can do to get results. If you have a hundred service requests for your building, it can get overwhelming as you try to figure out how to get everything done.

The best thing to do is to evaluate what needs to get done, prioritize, and break down the work that has to be done and schedule it over a month. Do a certain amount of work orders per day, have the right number of staff on duty each day to complete these tasks, and your schedule won't seem as packed anymore.

Scheduling and Communication

Starting your day with a team meeting is a good use of time because it can help you nail down scheduling and engage in open communication with the rest of your maintenance team. It allows everyone to catch up and see if there is any work from the day before that still needs to get done and what work is left for the remainder of the week.

Having a schedule provides your maintenance team with structure and can help improve time management skills. If you have more than one community to service, then establishing anticipated completion timeframes can help keep everything on track.

Importance of Time Management

If you fail to develop time management skills as a property manager or maintenance manager, it can be challenging to manage multiple tasks. When you can't accomplish what you need to get done, it can negatively affect the residents and the community as a whole and impact your resident satisfaction scores.

A good manager needs to have prioritization and organization skills, be a good listener, have the technical knowledge needed to complete tasks, have a strong, and see the bigger picture. The maintenance team's actions can impact the non-maintenance staff as well and can hurt relationships with others in the community. Everyone's business goals need to be aligned.

So, before scheduling your tasks for the week, stop and consider what has to be done so you can find better ways to manage your time.

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