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What Makes Boutique Hotels Special?

The first thing that makes boutique hotels special is that they make people feel special. Boutique hotels are not the usual types of accommodation you would see on the road. While they are small, a lot of effort and art liberties are poured into making the boutique hotel one of the most-sought by travelers around the world. Here are the two things you need to know about boutique hotels.

1. Artistic Value – Boutique hotels offer a sort of escapism for travelers who wish to take a break from the hustle and bustle of busy urban cities. This is why boutique hotels pay special attention to their artistic value as they are meant to immediately bring about an other-worldly experience from the moment someone walks into the building.

Boutique hotels are very stylish and pay attention to details, from the colors, architecture, to the overall aesthetic they are aiming for. Their artistic value is what differentiates them from your usual hotels.

2. Less Is More – In terms of size and capacity, boutique hotels can accommodate fewer guests than other grand hotels. However, the appeal behind this is that it gives its guests more privacy and comfort. While boutique hotels can welcome few guests at a time, the satisfaction rate, however, is off the charts. You would expect to have more reservations and bookings, and you will learn that fewer guests at a time would lead to more in the future.

You would think that boutique hotels are easier to maintain and manage, but they also have their challenges. Boutique hotels bank on giving people an unforgettable and unique experience that they would not find somewhere else.

Keeping guests satisfied and having the element of surprise can be challenging in its way. This is not something that you have to excessively worry about! Occupancy Solutions is here to answer any questions you have about boutique hotels. Contact us anytime!

Key to Finding the Best Residents for Your Community

As a property manager, you may find the notion of renting a space quickly favorable because it means you are putting money in the bank faster. While you don't want any space to remain vacant, you also don't want to have to evict a resident in the near future. For this reason, it makes more sense to take your time and find a good resident for your community.

The Importance Of Resident Testimonials In Marketing Your Apartment

There is nothing more convincing than the testimonies of people who have actually experienced the best things about your apartment. You would be surprised at how much other people value these opinions when looking for a new home! That is why if you have not gathered any resident testimionials yet, now is the time to start. To help you, here are some things to keep in mind.

Training Your Team To Handle Challenging Community Members

Many different personalities will make up a community, and not all of these will be easy. Training your team to be able to handle conflict or more challenging personalities effectively and positively is important to maintaining that authentic and harmonious community feel. A few points to include in your employee training are:

Simple Ways To Create A Personalized Guest Experience

A personalized guest experience is a major want for many travelers today. Whether traveling for business or leisure, they want to feel like they’ve stepped into a home away from home even if it’s their first visit to a particular hotel. They want that comfort, relaxation, and attention that shows that they’re being well cared for.

How to Onboard Employees for Your Small Hotel

Since the start of the pandemic, the hospitality industry has definitely gone through a few changes. Cutbacks and layoffs were common, and now that things are going back to normal, smaller hotels are finding it hard to reopen as they have problems finding people to hire.

How Recaps Can Fill Out a Team Meeting Agenda

For more effective management, you should provide team members with a recap of the day at the beginning and end of each day. This can go a long way in improving effectiveness and efficiency. Let's take a closer look at the value of these team meeting agendas and how they can help.
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