One important job of a property manager is to increase occupancy and revenue. Today, we will cover some hotel sales strategies to do just that. Remember, when implementing any sales strategies for a small hotel, you want to use strategies intended for your specific target market and local destination.


When selling rooms in your small hotel to improve occupancy, you want to try to upsell. This is the process of selling a more expensive version of what the customer is already purchasing. To upsell, you need to understand the right way to go about it, which means understanding the right time, the right tone, and the regularity of these efforts.

Never get too pushy when upselling to a customer. You are simply making sure that your guests know that there are more options available to them and gauge their interest.

Re-Marketing Strategy

With a re-marketing strategy, you can reach out to potential guests that have visited your site but have yet to follow through with their final booking. When looking for a  hotel, people tend to view several sites before deciding which one to book with. Ensure you can improve the customer's online booking experience and then remind them to visit your site again in the near future.


Somewhat related to upselling is cross-selling. However, instead of selling a more expensive option, you are instead trying to sell an additional service that complements what they are already purchasing. For example, free tours or a massage are a great way to cross-sell and remind the guests that you have other services to offer.

Build Relationships Within the Community

It is also a great idea to build relationships within the community and partner with local businesses when possible. You can promote restaurants in the area and other shops and businesses, and those businesses can do the same.

Easy Booking Process

Finally, the booking process for your small hotel needs to be easy to follow through. This means creating a good website experience that is clean, user friendly, and easy to navigate. Direct bookings are a great way to improve occupancy rates and reduce the number of people who click off the website because it is too confusing.

Follow these small hotel strategies to improve occupancy rates, increase customer satisfaction, and create successful partnerships within the community.