Community events really help to build rapport, grow resident loyalty and retention, and create that authentic community feel. With the social distancing we’ve all practiced for the past year, these events have all but been brought to a halt as we limit social interaction and time spent in the company of others. These events don’t necessarily need to be stopped, and there are some ideas for socially distant events you may use to keep the community fun going. A few of these ideas are:

•    Host a telemovie screening – Movie screenings are a great way to bring your community together, and perhaps even bring others to your community to get a feel for your residential spirit themselves. While gathering together for a movie night under the stars might not be in the cards right now, a telemovie screening can be just as fun. Netflix, for instance, has a “teleparty” option that allows groups to watch movies together, and each participating resident can partake in the party right from their own residences.

•    Host a virtual game night – Bingo nights and other games may have been an event your residents looked forward to before, and this is an activity that can be done virtually to allow your game nights to resume. Virtual bingo or other games using apps or Zoom calls lets you keep the fun going.

•    Virtual classes with pros – Hosting a cooking event, a mixology class, or a baking party can be done virtually as well, and these events are particularly exciting when you get the pros involved. Using your local network, getting local cooks, bakers, or crafters to join in and host a class for the evening gets your community working together while everyone participates in their own residences via video chat.

•    Host a virtual scavenger hunt on Facebook – If your community has a community Facebook page, hosing a virtual scavenger hunt is easy. Simply make a post for each item you want your residents to “find” within or close by to their residences and have them post the photos as comments to your post. Points may be given to the residents that post the quickest, and prizes offered up for the winners at the end of the evening.

At we know how important it is to grow and nurture an authentic sense of community. For more ideas on Covid-safe community events, check us out at today.