As a property manager, you are essentially the middleman between yourself, the building, and the residents. Part of the property manager's job is to reduce the stress the property owner typically faces while also creating a more than inviting space for the residents and potential residents.

Here are a few ways to provide stellar customer service as a property manager.

A Formal Complaint Process

Residents often have complaints and suggestions that they bring up to property managers. To help in the best possible way and show that you care about their grievances and want to find a solution, consider creating a formal complaint and suggestion process for the residents.

The residents should be aware of where they can submit their complaints or suggestions. The property management team should then regularly review this information and address it by coming up with proactive solutions to address these problems quickly.

Be Accessible

To increase occupancy and appease residents, it is important to make yourself accessible as a property manager. No one wants to wake up to a call in the middle of the night, but if an emergency situation arises, there needs to be a way for residents to reach out. They should also have contact information such as an email or phone number.

Respond to Communication

After making yourself more accessible as a property manager, you must then respond to communication in a timely manner or risk less than stellar customer service points. Try responding within 24-48 hours after the resident reaches out. This helps to build trust and gratitude in the community.

Interact with the Community

Besides communicating about emergencies, complaints, and suggestions, you should continue to interact with the community as much as possible. You can host question and answer sessions to keep everyone as informed and up to date as possible, schedule coffee meetings a couple of times a month in the office, and make sure to greet residents as you pass by. You want to create a community relationship now, so it is easier to find solutions to problems that may arise later on.

Remain Professional

Above all, a property manager should always remain respectful and professional. Everyone should feel confident when approaching the property management team and know that whatever the issue is will be handled. It is a good way to build respect within the community, as well.

Follow these simple tips, and you will soon find that it can result in improved occupancy rates and satisfaction for everyone in the community.