Independence is a key characteristic you will find when describing the senior citizen population. When you manage multi-family housing for seniors, you will see how different this kind of lifestyle is compared to those living in other communities.

When you can take the time to consider the needs of your demographic, you will find better ways to communicate, sell, and serve different generations, which can lead to improved resident retention and a happier community.

Today, we will explore how to best welcome an independent senior citizen to our communities and see how we can add value and increase referrals.

Different Lifestyle

Senior citizens will have different needs compared to other generations. For this reason, you will need to examine what you have to offer and decide if it fits with the demographic you are trying to serve. For example, are the benefits you provide easy to access and convenient? All seniors are not alike, making it difficult on managers and leasing times at times.

Active in the Workforce

You will also find that many independent seniors today are still very active in the workforce and work 40 hours per week. People like this are more comfortable with an apartment being their home base. They are looking for a convenient location close to work and family and a location that is easy to care for. They also own and drive their own vehicles, so parking will be a concern for many. Seniors are no longer as dependent on public transportation as they may have been years ago.

Highlight Convenience

There's that word again  convenience. People choose communities that are convenient for them. Seniors may be looking for something that is low maintenance and not so demanding of their time. Instead of caring for a home, they want to be free to travel. For this reason, they look for communities that require no upkeep on their part and have an adequate amount of space for them to live without being too much.

As a property manager, you need to learn how to cater to your demographic and make sure that the modern conveniences your residents request are available. Choosing the right marketing materials, advertising in the right places, and engaging in the right social events for your community are great ways to get the news out of your building and show people why it is a great choice for convenient, affordable, comfortable living.

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