As property owners, one of the things we really want to avoid is receiving complaints and reports. Besides problems with plumbing, arguments between neighbors, and noisy pets, we can all agree that being involved in a property liability lawsuit can be the most unpleasant to deal with.  

The good thing is that there are ways to avoid this! By keeping out the community safe, secure, and a property liability case can be the least of our worries. Here are 5 ways to make sure of that:

1. Installing CCTV Cameras – The truth of the matter is that we cannot always see what is happening on our property. In the face of a property liability lawsuit, it can be difficult to prove that we have always been committed to being responsible property owners. When doubts arise in a conflict about safety and security, having CCTV camera footage will help prove who can be held liable in an accident or conflict. Your renters will also feel more reassured and secured.

2. Doing Regular Property Inspection – Over time, some parts of the building will go through deterioration and will have some damages that would need immediate fixing. Having a regular property inspection to check on and address the damages will help you avoid accidents from happening. Even illnesses from mold infestation can lead to a property liability lawsuit, but an inspection and cleaning can solve the problem before it even becomes one.

3. Enforcing Rules About Keeping Pets – While some property owners prohibit pets, we know that some allow renters to keep them. However, rules must be established and enforced to ensure that pets won’t be a disturbance to other renters. As a property owner, part of making sure of everyone’s safety is to avoid dog bite incidents from happening. Rules about keeping dogs on leash can help avoid this from happening and will save you from facing a liability lawsuit.

Accidents can happen anywhere but as property owners, it is part of our responsibility is making sure that we retain a safe and secured place for our renters. If you require assistance about rules and property maintenance, the Occupancy Solutions team is always within reach. Don’t be afraid to contact us!