Attracting families to your multifamily community isn’t difficult, and likely you’ll simply need to modify the talking points you already use to direct them to a more family friendly mindset. At, we want to help you to attract families to your community, and create that special neighborhood to grow up in feel you’re looking for. For multifamily communities that want to create this family friendly atmosphere, the first thing you’ll need to do is make your marketing attractive to this family friendly demographic. 

When promoting your community, focus on the accessibility your community offers in order to attract more families to your space. Parents may need to run out in the middle of the night to get medicine from a local pharmacy, or they might wish to take the kids out for a walk to get ice cream and a little fresh air. Your community’s “walking score” judges just how accessible your location is to local amenities, and this is a huge selling point for families. The average family wants to have a place where they have what they want close by, and your walking score will tell them if your community is just that place. 

Next, families want to feel safe wherever they live, and along with accessibility, you’ll also want to really sell prospective residents on the safety of your community. The average family wants a safe place to raise their children, and the type of community that allows their children to play outside with their friends and without a care in the world. If your area boasts a low crime rate, incorporate this into your marketing, and explain to prospective residents all of the security measures you’ve put into place to ensure their complete safety. 

Lastly, you’ll want to create a physical space that attracts families to your multifamily community. Open spaces for families to enjoy, a playground installation if your community has the space for it, and well-manicured yards shows families that this is the type of environment that will be perfect for their child’s development. Not only will this impress families during walk-throughs and visits, but it’ll give your community incredible curb appeal as well. 

At, we want to help you in bringing more families to your community, and creating that irresistible family friendly community feel that will lock in your great resident retention rating. To learn more about attracting families to your community, contact us today!