Do Your Guests Feel Welcome?

When a guest feels special, that guest also feels welcome. Have you ever stopped to address just how welcome and how special you make your guests feel? When a guest feels welcome, a guest feels important, and they know just how much they mean to you. If you’re looking for a few ideas to make your guests feel more welcome each time they stay with you, we at have some starting points:

  • Those extra little touches – Extra soft sheets, service with a smile, and layered lighting are those little touches that all guests might not list on their personal “needs list”, but that make all the difference all the same.
  • Have a couple amenities stocked up – Amenities are a simple way to make guests feel welcome in your independent boutique hotel. Having some bottles of water in a mini-fridge, toiletry samples in the bathroom, and plenty of fresh towels will make guests feel like they’re at home away from home.
  • Keep fully staffed – When you’re short staffed or stretched thin, it can be really difficult for your employees to ignore the strong feelings of exhaustion or frustration. These feelings, no matter how well hidden they may be, will translate to your guests. This can cause guests to feel unwelcome, uncomfortable, and even anxious during their stay, which is exactly what you don’t want.
  • Keep your space accessible – Every guest will have different needs, and different requirements to make their stays the best they can be. For this reason, make sure your space is accessible for those with different abilities, friendly for those with families, and suitable for those who may need a quieter or more relaxed environment.


Assessing how welcome you make your guests feel is something you should always check up on. It’s not a goal with a single resolution, but a work in progress that will take constant effort. If you’re looking to make your guests feel more welcome in your space, contact us at today.

Community Marketing Ideas For Better Engagement

Engagement is a really important part of marketing, and this rings true whether you’re marketing a community, a service, or a product you’re looking to sell. An engaging marketing campaign sets you apart from your competition, and it lets you really communicate your brand personality to just those potential residents you’re looking to attract.

3 Tips For Avoiding Liability On Property

Avoiding liability on your property is something that every community management team wants to know more about. You want to keep your residents safe, and you want to protect yourself from the potentially devastating consequences of lawsuits. These lawsuits can typically be avoided, and what it takes to avoid them is some comprehensive thinking by you. 3 tips for avoiding liability on your property are:

Making The Best First Impression

Great guest experiences first start with a great first impression. First impressions don’t just matter when meeting other people, they also matter when it comes to every service a person receives. Making the best first impression should be a major consideration for our boutique hotel, and there’s a number of reasons why. 4 reasons why you want to make the best first impression are:

Is Your Staff Bridging The Generation Gap?

When building your community management team, have you considered just what generations you have represented? Diversity is always important in building and maintaining the best community management teams, and part of that diversity is incorporating talented individuals from different generations to take care of different roles and needs within the community.

Getting Your Community Into The Spirit Of Autumn Holidays This Year

The autumn holidays give you lots of opportunity to build rapport with your community members, hold special events and excursions, and even market your community in a new and eye-catching way. Autumn begins with holiday weekends perfect for hosting community-wide yard sales, and finishes up with the Thanksgiving season and the start of the holidays for the year. In between are opportunities for Trick-or-Treat events, pumpkin carving contests, recipe swaps, and so much more to get your community members out and having fun in the neighborhood you’ve built.

Formulating The Perfect Positive Response To Common Objections

When attracting new community members, or renewing leases, you’re like to run into some resident or prospective resident objections. Overcoming these objections is the job of the community management team, and how you go about this communication is just as important as how you go about remedying or backing up the objection. Your communication is your first line of defense when overcoming objections, and you’ll want to do it right.

Do You Make Use Of Guest Welcome Letters?

Independent hoteliers have something of an advantage right now that the big guys don’t have. One of the biggest and most important trends in travel right now is personalization, and no one can provide a personalized experience to guests quite like an independent hotel or bed and breakfast. For this reason, small hoteliers are ramping up the personalized touches, and one way this can be done is through guest welcome letters. Not only do these really drive home the personalized experience, but they are the perfect cherry on top when it comes to making a great first impression.

Are You Standing Above Your Competition?

Sometimes it’s simply not enough to stand apart from your competition, and you’ll need to learn how to stand above them instead. Standing apart gets you noticed, but it doesn’t give you any advantage over what your competitors are offering with their own communities. Standing above however, means creating your own advantages, and knowing just how to make prospective residents want to lease with you before anyone else.

6 Things To Always Include In Your Guest Rooms

Even guests staying with small hoteliers will have some expectations when it comes to their rooms and the amenities those rooms offer. What you offer in your guest rooms can make or break a guest’s ability to feel welcome, and 6 things to always include in your guest rooms are:

Why Today’s Travelers Prefer Boutique Hotels Over The Bigger Guys

Boutique hotels are experiencing a major high point in today’s modern age of travel. From beginner travelers to those with years of travel experience, it’s become the new hot thing to choose the smaller guys over their larger chain counterparts. At, we want to get down to the bottom of the why boutique hotels are having this renaissance, and how your small hotel can join in on the trend. The top reasons why travelers prefer boutique hotels include:

The Best Approach To Managing Your Trip Advisor Account

Travel sites have become a major deal in the travel industry, and TripAdvisor may be the biggest of them all. Just as it’s important to have a social media presence in the small hotel industry, it’s also important to have an equal presence on travel websites like TripAdvisor. At, we want to break down the important task of managing your TripAdvisor account and making it work for you.

How Much Do You Put Into Your Instagram Account?

Social media is important for any boutique hotel or B&B, and no social media platform is more powerful right now than Instagram. Rather than posts and articles, which can take some time to really sink your teeth into, Instagram tells stories using short captions and photos alone. When travelers scroll their Instagram feeds, they want to be swept away on photo experiences they can’t wait to see for themselves in real life. Putting effort into your Instagram account and Instagram hashtags can be just what you need to attract potential guests to your space and encourage them to make their booking.

Handling The Most Common Resident Concerns

For management teams, handling resident concerns is a big deal. The way these concerns are handled can truly mean the difference between resident retention and residents leaving your community to find home elsewhere. At, we want to teach you just how to handle your most common resident concerns in an effective and positive way. Every resident will have concerns now and again, but it’s how these concerns are handled that will make the difference in their overall satisfaction and happiness.

Handling A Great Prospective Resident Lead

When you get a great new resident lead, you’ll want to not let them slip through your fingers. Handling great prospective resident leads takes time and strategy, and we at want to help you to perfect just the right one. The steps to handling great prospective leads are:

Creating A Website That’s Perfect For Bookings

Your website doesn’t just anchor your online presence, it’s also the place where your guests are most likely to book with you. Outside of partnering with travel agencies and other travel websites, most of your bookings will come in through your own website, and you’ll want to make sure it leaves a simple experience for your potential guests. At, we want to help you to craft the most booking-friendly website possible.

Could A Community Newsletter Be The Key To Keeping Residents Engaged?

An informed and engaged member of your community not only is a great representation of the positive lifestyle your community provides, but an invaluable marketing asset. Engaged community members are the most likely to spread the word about your community, and garner you excellent prospective leads to continue helping the community to improve. One of the top questions for management teams, however, is this – how do we get our community members to engage enthusiastically? Even satisfied and happy community members may not be out there spreading the word, so it’s management’s job to really instill this enthusiasm into community members naturally.

5 Simple Marketing Outreach Tips For Your Community

The point of outreach marketing is getting out there and reaching out to leads before they even know they’re leads. At, we want to help you with simple outreach marketing tips to bring prospects to your community. 5 simple marketing outreach tips include:

Creative Ways To Market Your Hotel Online

With so many hotels, bed and breakfasts, and vacation properties marketing themselves online today, it’s more important than ever to know how to stand out. Foregoing online marketing simply isn’t an option anymore, and it’s provided independent hoteliers and renters with a new challenge in competing with the bigger brands. Getting creative is the key to marketing your hotel in a way that works, and we at have a few ideas that can really help to get you started.