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Closing Techniques to Teach Your Leasing Team

Did you know that how you interact with potential residents can make a significant difference in closing a lease or not? This is especially true if you are in the property management sector of a multifamily industry.

To close the lease and improve occupancy rates, you need to adapt to each prospective resident and determine how best to close the lease.

Home Sweet Home

When people tour an apartment, they are looking for something that feels like a home. So, always take the time to remember key things each potential resident has to say because this can help you create more of an emotional connection to the property. You can then take the points you learned from one person and apply them to future leasing opportunities.

Don't Be Overbearing

No one wants to be approached with an aggressive sales pitch, especially when they have no interest in hearing. The same applies when listing amenities. Don't generalize the apartment leasing experience. You can spend a good chunk of time talking about the gym facility the apartment has, but that will not mean anything to a prospect that is not interested in that type of amenity.

Instead, ask what caught their attention the most about the property. You can then use this information to highlight key features they are actually going to be interested in when finding an apartment to lease.

Use Technology

More than 75 percent of potential residents are going to call the apartment for more information. So, what happens when you are giving tours of the apartment? Does the phone go unanswered? In these cases, it is good to learn how to leverage technology as much as possible.

You can use AI or artificial intelligence to help analyze a call recording and categorize those caller profiles. This will make it easier for property managers to distinguish between calls coming from prospective residents and other calls.

Saving time on lead identification is always a plus. It allows you to prioritize all your follow-up activities and who needs to be contacted when it comes to the leasing process.

All of this advice allows you to teach your leasing teams more effective ways of closing, improving your bottom line, and filling the vacancies you may have.

For more information on other solutions for identifying leads and improving occupancy, contact us at Occupancy Solutions today.

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