One of the best ways to foster loyalty with your residents is to show them how much you care. When we feel appreciated, we’re more likely to appreciate, and we’ll have a special experience we can’t wait to share with others. Showing a little appreciation as a community management team isn’t hard, and it’s these small little gestures that can make all the difference. At, we want to help you to foster organic loyalty and happiness within your community, and we want to show you a few ways you can do this by showing a little appreciation for them:

  • Mark and remember birthdays – Who doesn’t love being remembered on their special day? Marking down birthdays on a calendar and making sure to send cards to residents celebrating their birthday is an excellent, inexpensive, and impactful way to show you care. Make it hand-written or hand-signed, and simply drop it into their mailbox.
  • Offer renewal incentives – Renewal incentives are an investment into your residents and property, but they’re often far less expensive than courting a new resident to take their place. A small gift card to a local store or coffee chain, an appliance upgrade, or something simple can make a huge impact on those who renew with you and your community.
  • Provide welcome baskets – First impressions matter, and when a new resident moves in, that’s a special kind of first impression. Have waiting for them a gift basket of treats, drinks, and any small comfort items to welcome them in to your community and their new home. These don’t need to be extravagant or expensive, just a little something to show how much you appreciate their choice to reside in your community.
  • Schedule check-ins – These check-ins don’t need to come in the form of formal inspections, but simply asking every once in a while if your resident has any concerns, questions, or things they’d like to talk to you about. Reaching out to residents and showing your concern for their happiness and comfort lets them know that you’re there to look out for them.

Showing a little appreciation improves moods and relationships in all sorts of situations, including the relationships you hold with individuals in your community. If you’re looking to learn more about showing your appreciation in inexpensive but effective ways, contact us at today.