Having a virtual tour available when leasing an apartment is a great tool, especially because of the many COVID-19 restrictions and how limited access can make it harder to fill your vacancies.

Today, we will go over a virtual tour checklist that you want to check off when marketing an available apartment online.

What Is a Virtual Tour?

A virtual tour gives prospective residents the chance to tour the apartment at their convenience. You can feature your apartment virtual tour on the website, social media pages, or even through the building's community page.

A good virtual tour will give people a 360-degree view of the apartment. Some also allow potential residents to explore interactive floor plans and even place virtual furniture in the apartment space to see how it would look.

Use a Q-Code

A Q-Code is an easy way to identify some important apartment features. It is a code that can be scanned. Once scanned, it gives different narrated points during the tour, pointing out some of the apartment's more noteworthy features, such as a walk-in closet or a larger capacity washer and dryer.


When recording the video for your virtual tour, make sure the area is decluttered. Clear off any tables or desks there are, hide notes and other miscellaneous items, and keep any boxes stored out of sight. You don't want anything to distract the potential resident from the features of the apartment.

Check the Lights

Next, make sure all the lights are working before you start filming your virtual tour. You don't want any flickering or broken lightbulbs. If you are recording in the evening or at night, make sure there is ample light.

Stage the Apartment

When arranging a furnished apartment for a virtual tour, be sure to make sure everything is arranged in an appealing way. This includes careful consideration of the lights, wall art, frames, and other items in the space. Avoid recording when there are decorations as well. Decorations and other seasonal décor can date a virtual tour.

Look Everything Over

Finally, make sure to look everything over before you post your virtual tour. If something seems out of place, fix it and then record again.

Having a virtual tour available can help you lease an apartment and improve your occupancy rate. For more information on boosting occupancy, contact us at Occupancy Solutions today.