Staging Your Tour Residence For Fall And Winter

Just because cooler weather is coming in, that doesn’t mean you’re going to stop giving tours! If you’re attracting new prospective residents to your community, some of them are going to want to stop by to check it out for themselves, and this will require a little home staging.

Using Simple Steps To Overcome Objections

While providing a tour or a demonstration in your community to prospective residents, you want to make your residence seem like the perfect fit. Unfortunately, objections may come up, but there is a way to stay prepared for them using only simple steps. When you know the most effective way to overcome an objection, the objection becomes no big deal, and you can make prospective residents turn into current residents even if they have little qualms here and there!

The Importance Of Choosing The Right Maintenance Team

Having a great maintenance team on hand is invaluable to a community manager, and it can not only help with attracting new residents, but keeping current ones pleased as well. As a community manager, choosing your maintenance team, and keeping up with them, is one of your most important tasks when it comes to the everyday running of your community, and there are ways to go about making sure your team is a perfect fit for you.

How Do You Establish Your Community Brand?

Your brand is a big part of your community. What it communicates is the lifestyle you’re offering, the atmosphere you’re looking to create, the audience you’re attracting, and your own community personality, so how do you go about establishing and creating this? Creating your brand is all about combining your own community vision with the vision that you place into the minds of your audiences, and the perfect combination will be the perfect brand.

Addressing Prospective Residents In A Personal Way

When you’re attracting prospective residents, you want to make them feel like you’re looking at them personally. If you want to bring young college aged students into your community, you’re not going to get their attention if you’re using the same strategy you use with seniors or young families, and you’ll want to speak to them using messages and attention grabbers they’ll be able to gravitate towards.

3 Signs of a Successful Property Management Team

Property management companies can be a tremendous asset to a rental property, and at times, perhaps a liability. For this reason, owners of rental properties need to do their homework when selecting a company to manage their investment. Property...

5 Pin Board Worthy Ideas For Your Community Pinterest Page

Using Pinterest is a great way to get on social media trends with your community, but if you’re new to Pinterest, you may be wondering what you can create pin boards about that will interest your current or prospective residents. We at Occupancy Solutions have a few ideas that can make your foray into Pinterest successful, and the 5 pin board worthy ideas we have for you today are.

Touring A Prospective Resident For Maximum Impact

When a prospective resident comes for a visit, you want your community to make a maximum positive impact. At Occupancy Solutions, we want to provide you with some pointers as to how to make sure your tour is one that catches your visitor’s eye, and provides them with something to remember when they go back home and consider what living in your community will bring to their lifestyle.

Standing Above Community Competition

Standing above your community competition is a big part of enticing residents to choose your community over another within the area. At Occupancy Solutions, we know that standing above the competition involves standing apart from the competition, and we have some ideas that you can use to make your own mark in the minds of those you’re looking to attract as part of your community.

Working On A Work Life Balance For You And Your Team

In managing a community, a healthy work/life balance is something that is sorely needed but not often achieved. At Occupancy Solutions, we want to present a few ideas that will allow you to improve the work/life balance for you and your team, as we believe that through this balance you’ll be able to find yourself to be an even a better manager as well as team leader.

Marketing Your Community For A Low Cost

Community marketing is something that can really help to build leads and attract prospective community members to your space, but one common misconception is that effective marketing needs to be expensive.

Building An Online Presence With An Excellent Reputation

Your online reputation and presence are two things that no management group can ever skip over in today’s modern day and age. Those looking for a new residence or to become a part of a new community use the internet as one of their largest and most convenient trusted resources, so putting yourself online is extremely important to gaining leads and the right sort of attention.